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Contextual Fit
Analysis & Design of Adding on

Purpose: The Smith Family house was originally designed by Richard Meier in 1965 on the Long Island Sound.  The owners want change to their house by having a new addition designed.  They want the new addition to respect the original design of the house while still having its own unique feel.

Narrative: The Smith Family is very family oriented.  They are constantly spending quality time together doing family activities.  Their favorite thing to do is spend time out on their sail boats.  However, Mr and Mrs Smith know it is very important to also have time to relax and wind down.  This is why they asked to expand their master suite.  Since the Smiths enjoy being out sailing on the water so much they want to incorporate it into their suite by adding a sail-like structure and having a deck to enjoy the view of the ocean.

Original Existing Smith House

Floor Plans

Ranking and Sorting

1. Master Suite

Contextual Analysis

Design Ideas


Preliminary Design

Final Design

3D Exterior

2D Floor Plans

2D Sections

2D Elevations

3D Interior

3D Sections

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