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Form and Function
Expression of Truth and Beauty

Statement: Form and function is a central theme of architecture.  In this project we were to take the relationship between a form and a function and apply it to a bridge structure inspired by bridges around the world.  The function of the bridge was inspired by the moveable mechanism of everyday objects.  The purpose of incorporating the moveable mechanism to the bridge was to give the walkway of the structure the ability to open, allowing 30' wide x 40' object to pass through.    

Span Prototypes

Images of Bridges

Simplified Diagrams

Forth Bridge, UK

Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

Howrah Bridge, West Bengal

Movement Analogies / Function

Images of Movement Analogies

Simplified Diagrams

Wine Opener



Conceptual Combinations Table

Preliminary Designs



Final Design

3-D Views of Entire Project

3-D Views of Moveable Mechanism

Function Animation

Transformation Process

Final Animation

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